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These are our courses in H-M section.  Please use these as learning aids. Remember that learning Reiki comes from within. You may agree or not agree with what is written within the course and its notes, that is fine. We are all individuals, we each of us have different souls and physical bodies and as such react differently. We are in constant change, that is the order of nature. Don’t be told this is what you must do, follow your instincts and what your Spiritual Guides and Teachers impress upon you. We each have our own path, let it take you into the light.




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Click Here  for  Hawaiian Trinity.

Click Here  for  Hawaiian Trinity Uhane Nui.

Click Here  for  Hawaiian Trinity Kahuna.

Click Here  for  Imara Reiki.

Click Here  for  Inner Beauty Reiki.

Click Here  for  Inner Light Reiki.

Click Here  for  Inner Sun Reiki 1.

Click Here  for  Inner Sun Reiki 2.

Click Here  for  Inner Sun Reiki 3.

Click Here  for  Inner Sun Reiki Symbols.

Click Here  for  Isis Blue Moon Reiki.

Click Here  for  Karmic Reiki.

Click Here  for  Karuna Reiki.

Click Here  for  Kundalini Reiki.

Click Here  for  Kundalini Boosters 1-6.

Click Here  for  Light Dream Reiki.

Click Here  for  Lunar Light Reiki.

Click Here  for  Medicine Budha Reiki.

Click Here  for  Money Reiki.

Click Here  for  Money Master.

Click Here  for  Money Grand Master.

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