Welcome to level 2 of your coursework.
In this section, you will learn extended visualization, new modalities as well as taking
your spiritual and healing powers to new states. Within the added items and bonuses we
will look at other modalities to give you inspiration and direction. ( Remember level 1.
Direction comes from within,) I can only educate and inspire.
By now you should have a better understanding of the Chakras and Auras, practice
all you can whether it’s on people or animals and plants.
Chakra / Aura therapy is not just about learning how colour and energy flows affect the
body and mind, the spirit is important as well.
Communication with spirit, both the patients and yours is a natural progression in
your training, but so too is communication with your spirit guides and those spirits who are
healing with you. Meditation is a key factor in your training, so too is chatting to spirit.
This statement may surprise you, some people forget this or even do not realise that just
chatting to spirit is o.k. You do not have to do it aloud.) helps in strengthening your links
and bonds with them and what transpires in the form of inspiration and direction that you
will receive from them.
For those of you who wish to make a career out of this exciting modality, go for it.
I have included a guide on doing workshops and I hope this gives you some ideas.
Above all have fun.