Aura Workshop

The human aura is a strong electro- magnetic field. We give off electrical energy and absorb magnetic one.
You can feel this energy force in a room full of people, where varying energies, positive and negative are being
The aura is an extension of our energies, be it strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or dull and dense.
It is a band of energy that surrounds us, a life energy that can be sensed around every living thing, plants, trees, animals,
birds and people.
There are seven layers of aura, but the most accessible to the human perception are the first three layers surrounding the
human body.
Auras can be seen with the eyes wide open. It can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed. Auras can be best seen
under a soft light. You can check your own aura by looking at a mirror against a light color background with dim

This workshop will give you a good grounding for our main Aura courses.