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Reiki Level 3

£ 95

By successfully completing this course, you will: Gain skills and knowledge in Reiki 3rd Degree Master/Teacher so you can become a Reiki Master Undertake the Reiki 3rd Degree Master/Teacher practical assessment/attunement    Reiki encourages your…

Reiki Level 2

£ 75

To complete this course you will need to be initiated in Reiki Level 1 first. At Second Degree Reiki the initiate receives another attunement which considerably increases the power of their healing. Second Degree Reiki…

Reiki Level 1

£ 50

Reiki encourages your body’s natural ability to heal itself, and is channelled through the practitioner’s hands. The Reiki energy will then go as deeply into your body as it needs, gently helping it to restore…

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Aura Workshop  £10                                      Chakra Workshop £10